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These Birth videos will show the main birthing positions you can chose during labor. If this is your first time giving birth, it is a good idea to learn this birthing positions before you go into labor, so that you have a better of how to deliver your baby naturally. These videos show you natural childbirth positions in either home or hospital setting.

NOTE: The following natural childbirth delivery videos are not suited for anyone younger than 13 years of age. Viewer discretion is advised.

Supported Squatting Birthing Position

The following clip of childbirth is a great baby delivery video that shows a woman giving birth in a supported squatting position. Many women in labor choose this position to chive birth because squatting opens the pelvis and takes advantage of the gravity, pushing the baby down the birth canal faster.

This birthing position gives the mom-to-be a sense of control and the pelvic opening is about 30% wider during squatting than in a supine position. If you get tired, try to stand or sit back to relax in between contractions. You can also use a birthing ball.

Using a birthing ball will help relax your perineal area and legs during labor.

Watch this natural childbirth video to see how to deliver a baby in a supported squat position:

Hands and Knees Birthing Position

The following natural childbirth video shows a woman giving birth on hands and knees. This is one of the birthing positions most recommended for back labor, posterior babies, or large babies. This birthing position is great for Many women in labor find this one of the most comfortable birthing positions becaus ethey can arch their back to help ease pain and discomfort. Your birth attendant will also have a great view of the baby's head coming out and be able to assist if problems arise. 

Semi-Sitting Birthing Position

The following childbirth video shows a woman giving birth at the hospital in a semi-sitting position. If you choose to deliver your baby in this position, use pillows under your arms and back for support. During each contraction, you can wrap your hands around your knees and pull your knees up towards your shoulders.

This is one of the most commonly birthing positions used in a hospital setting. Make sure to be well propped up, do not lay back because you can get more help from gravity to help move the baby down the birth canal. By holding your knees, you will feel more in control when the time comes to gently breathe (do not push hard) your baby out.

Watch this baby delivery video to see how it is done:

Sitting Birthing Position

Sitting on the toilet, birthing stool or birthing ball opens the pelvis increases the action of gravity and helps a natural exit of the baby.

Kneeling Birthing Position

This is one of the most recommended birthing positions if you are at the hospital and wan to deliver your baby naturally on the bed. Put your hands on the bed and place your knees comfortably apart. You can also use a birthing bal. This positions reduces tearing and prevents the need for episiotomies. It is also very restful and relaxed for the birthing mom.

I hope these childbirth delivery videos have given you some ideas on birthing postions that you can use during your birth.

Many Blessings!



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