How to Induce Labor Naturally

Let's explore how to induce labor naturally using a variety of natural health techniques and therapies, including home remedies to induce labor.

More and more women want to learn natural ways to induce labor before having to go through a medically induced labor.

Having to be medically induced can be quite painful, uncomfortable and may lead to more medical intervention during child delivery, like C-section, or use of forceps.

Acupressure To Induce Labor

Using acupressure to induce labor naturally can be very effective. By applying pressure to specific points on your shoulders, legs, back, and hands, you can stimulate uterine contractions.

Acupressure helps speed up stalled labor and make the contractions stronger and more regular. It can also be used during labor pains to ease the intensity of each contraction.

If you want to learn how to correctly perform acupressure to induce labor, this guide will show you strep-by-step how to use acupressure to induce labor naturally. It also gives you many natural health tips to use acupressure to ease the discomforts of pregnancy.

Sex To Induce Labor Naturally

Having sex is said to help bring on labor in women who are overdue. It is safe to have sex to induce labor as long as the membranes have not rupture yet.

Many women do not feel comfortable about having sex to induce labor because they may not feel like in the mood, or sexy. Sex is definitely a great way to try to relax while spending some quality time with your partner before the baby comes.

Sex is said to induce labor because of prostaglandins present in the semen that stimulate uterine contractions and help dilate the cervix.

Sex also cause female orgasm that contributes to opening the cervix. If you want to give it a try, it is safe for baby and worth trying.

Massage To Induce Labor

Having a pregnant massage regularly during pregnancy is a great way to relax and release stress in your body and in your life. If you feel concerned, stressed and very tense about going into labor and being overdue, try a gentle, relaxing pregnant massage.

Can massage therapy start labor?

A relaxing massage either from a registered massage therapist or your partner helps you reduce high levels of stress hormone, adrenaline. In fact, stress can contribute to inhibit or decrease uterine contractions.

Massage can help slow down adrenaline production and help you go into labor in a relaxed mode. Your labor will be easier and faster, too.

Massage to induce labor is often used in conjunction with acupressure to relax your body and muscles, bring the baby down your pelvis and induce uterine contractions.

Nipple Stimulation

Nipple stimulation is often recommended by midwives as a natural way to induce labor. When done correctly and for long enough time, it does seem to bring a positive outcome in most cases.

Nipple stimulation is done by rolling the nipples between the fingers for 2 minutes and resting for 3. This should be continued for at least 20 minutes.

This type of method is said to work because the hormone oxytocin is release during breast stimulation.Oxytocin is the hormone naturally produced to stimulate labor contractions. Nipple stimulation is also a useful method to bring on stronger contractions.

In order to perform nipple stimulation to induce labor effectively is important to stimulate and pull on the entire aeola, which is the dark area around the nipple. If this is something you want to do, using a breast pump may help.

Breast pumping can be done for 10-15 minutes every 60-90 minutes for several hours. Stop once the contractions are established to 20-30 minutes apart.

Herbal Remedies Tea

Using herbal tea to induce labor is common and many midwives will recommend a cup of tea of Blue cohosh the night before. This herb is oxytocic, thus stimulates uterine contractions helping bringing on labor. It works best if your are really overdue and your baby is in the right position and no obstacles prevent his descend into the birth canal.

This herbal remedy should only be taken under supervision as it can affect the baby's heart causing a stroke or heart attack in newborns if taken in large quantities.

There is no real protocol on how much to take and how often in order to induce labor. Native people used to chew on the root to bring on contractions.

To prevent side effects of Blue cohosh, this remedy is also prepared in homeopathic form, which is highly diluted and non toxic.

In homeopathy it is called Caulophyllum. Midwives, who use homeopathy, recommend taking Caulophyllum during the last couple of weeks of pregnancy. 30 CH once a day.

Homeopathy To Induce Labor

Homoeopathic remedies are very safe and widely used by homeopaths and midwives to induce labor. Homeopathic remedies are highly diluted and thus non-toxic and safe for both mother and child.

The use of routine remedies like Pulsatilla 30C and Caulophyllum 30C in alternation every 15 minutes to induce labor is effective in most case, but I believe that the best remedy is the one selected based on the mental and emotional state of the woman.

For example, I was overdue in all of my pregnancies.

With my first child I took Caulophyllum 30 CH homeopathically and nothing happened and I had to be medically induced. I believe that this remedy was not indicated for my case.

With my second child I had false labor every night between 2-4 am with mild to severe contraction that were mostly felt in the back. A dose of Kali carbonicum took care of the false labor contractions. The baby was most likely posterior. After the remedy, the baby turned to an anterior presentation.

Just 48 hours before going into labor a dose of Metallum album did the trick. The selection of this remedy was based on my fear and anxiety to having to go through another medically induced labor.

With my last child I was 10 days overdue and I became very clingy, I did not wanted to be left alone and I wanted to keep the window open in the middle of the cold Canadian winter. Only after my husband said to me: "this is very unusual, you are always so cold!" I took one dose of Pulsatilla. The next day my son was born.

If you want to use homeopathy to induce labor, contact an experienced homeopathic practitioner for best results. There are many homeopathic remedies that can help induce labor, but they should be selected based on your mental, emotional and physical condition.

Castor Oil Labor Induction

Many practitioners do not recommend castor oil to induce labor because of its side effects. There is a lot of controversial information about the effectiveness of this type of natural way to induce labor. Castor oil is effective in 57% of the cases. Castor oil works by causing intestinal contractions that also may stimulate uterine contractions.

The problem is that with labor you may also have diarrhea and vomiting. Castor oil works  only if you are really overdue (41 weeks), are 2-3 cm dilated and have weak irregular contractions. Before trying castor oil to induce labor, get approval from your doctor or midwife.

Hot Bath To Induce Labor

This is so effective in knowing if you are in labor. If you have mild contractions a hot bath will either strengthen them or calm them down. Also, the hot bath will help you relax. Floating in water helps the baby turn to the correct for labor. Sometimes women are overdue because the baby, even if head down is not in an anterior presentation. Yoga ball poses can be very helpful in turning a posterior baby.

Foods To Induce Labor

I do not believe that food can put women into labor but, this is just my experience. Pineapple is said to help ripen the cervix and get labor started. Spicy foods are said to trigger labor. You can give it a try, it will not cause any harm.

Exercise To Induce Labor Naturally

1. Singing or laughing is the best exercise of all to get into labor.

2. Sit on your birthing ball and bounce up and down while watching a really funny movie on the comedy channel. This can help you relax and release mental stress.

3. Going up and down the stairs until you are out of breath can also help. The movement of the exercise activity cause the baby's head to press on the cervix and stimulate the release of oxytocin leading to labor contractions.

3. Exercises like yoga also encourage the baby to assume a better presentation for labor. Doing yoga is also very relaxing.

I hope you are successful in going into labor naturally as soon as possible.

Many Blessings!

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